Patti LuPone Remember Brother Robert

Patti LuPone

Many within the theater community remembered with fondness and respect the passing away of Robert LuPone, the singer and dancer extraordinaire. But none were as poignant as his sister, Patti LuPone, reminiscing about Robert who was first inspired to take up dancing watching her at the age of seven.

Patti LuPone spoke of her brother’s peerless dancing capabilities days after Robert died of pancreatic cancer. He was an unparalleled dancer, she said. At 75, Robert was three years older than Patti. She remembers that their dancing journey started when Robert saw her at a dance presentation in a hula dress when she was 4 and Robert, 7.

In their teens, Robert and Patti LuPone joined the Julliard School. Robert took to dancing while Patti became a student of theater.

Patti LuPone Fondly Remembered Their Time At Julliard

Patti LuPone reminisced of a full-sized poster of Robert dancing placed in the Julliard photo gallery. The picture was of Robert dancing in There Is A Time, Jose Limon’s ballet. Several years down the line, during her time in the theater, she would walk past it proudly and stare at it in awe, she recalls.

Robert LuPone graduated in 1968 and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance. He was nominated for Tony for his enactment of Zach. The award was for the best performance in a musical.

In a 1998 interview, Robert had fondly spoken of him and Patti LuPone dancing together in their childhood. He spoke of a particular tap dance where he had Patti in a lift. Robert was in matching satin pants and a white silk shirt. She was in a sequined dress and was missing her front teeth, he affectionately recalled.

Patti LuPone had even then spoken of his mind-blowing dancing capabilities. He called her brother a phenomenal dancer. Robert had spoken of long periods of hardship.