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Paul Rudd Receives Birthday Wishes From Jennifer Aniston

Paul Rudd celebrated his 52nd birthday on 6th April. Stars like Jennifer Aniston were among the many to wish him on the day while pointing out how little effect age seems to have on Rudd.

Paul Rudd “Does Not Age”

The actor who might be known as playing Ant-Man in the MCU has welcomed his 52nd birthday. However, a few celebrity friends cannot seem to understand how little he ages. The timelessness of Paul Rudd was pointed out in two social media tributes by Mark Ruffalo and Jeniffer Aniston.

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Aniston, 52, posted on Instagram wishing the actor a happy 52nd birthday. It accompanied a snap that had the two smilingly warmly at each other. She wrote that the actor does not age and that it was weird. However, that does not stop them from celebrating it.

Another story was posted on Instagram which showed the two lying in bed together covered to their noses with a blanket. A third showed the actress playfully engaging in a pillow fight with Paul Rudd.

The actors had shared the screen in Wanderlust (2012), The Object of My Affection (1998), and the popular TV series Friends.

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Mark Ruffalo, a co-actor in the MCU, also took advantage of the situation to crack a joke on Rudd’s agelessness. Ruffalo, 53, had tweeted a picture of Rudd wearing the infinity gauntlet on the sets of an MCU film and inquired whether that was the secret behind Rudd’s youth.

Elizabeth Banks of Mrs. America fame also tweeted a birthday wish to Paul. Paul has featured as both her boyfriend and brother on-screen.

Paul Rudd’s next upcoming film is Ghostbusters: Afterlife directed by Jason Reitman. The film will also be starring Bill Murray, Carrie Coon, Mckenna Grace, and Finn Wolfhard. 11th November of this year is when the film is scheduled to hit the theatres.

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