NCIS alum Pauley Perrette Cheated Death With Massive Stroke

Pauley Perrette
Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto of the CBS series NCIS. Photo: Brian Bowen Smith/CBS © 2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc, All Rights Reserved.

Pauley Perrette disclosed that she had a potentially fatal stroke the previous year. The NCIS alum of 53 tweeted this Friday that on the day last year, she cheated death with a massive stroke hitting her. She said that before that, she had lost many of her friends and family members, yet she was fortunate to be alive.

The actress continued, expressing her gratitude and faith for being “STILL HERE.” In a selfie-style video that she posted, Perrette expressed her gratitude for having survived multiple situations that could have killed her.

Pauley Perrette asked how many times she cheated death. She again replied that she has many allergies and is a domestic violence and rape survivor.

She then added that she had been through a lot in her last few years. She said things get tough when one has had a stroke. However, she noted that she is grateful that she is still here, and she thanked her friends.

The “Broke” star has experienced some tense circumstances, including an alleged attack and death threat from a homeless guy in 2015.

Pauley Perrette Shared News About How She Survived A Massive Stoke: 

She described how, on a weekday day, she was out and about in her neighborhood when a man—later identified as David Merck—allegedly rushed up to her, grabbed her by the arms, struck her in the nose, and repeatedly threatened to kill her.

Though charged, Merck was found incapable of standing trial. A judge ordered him to get treatment at a mental facility in 2016. Two years later, he was discharged from the hospital.

Pauley Perrette also shared a statement telling her audience how she almost died that day. She said it changed her life forever in her statement back then.