Pete Davidson Will Not Appear Much On “Kardashians”

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is one of the famous names in the American entertainment circuit. He is regarded as one of the best comedians of the modern era. Pete is known especially for his comic timing and quick-witted nature. He was involved with Kim Kardashian in recent times. Kim and Pete got together and shared a romantic relationship with them after Kim broke up with Kanye West.

The duo had some steamy public outings where both Pete and Kim seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. The couple remained silent for quite a while before Kim Kardashian publicly admitted her relationship with Davidson. Later on, Pete also acknowledged Kim as her official girlfriend. The couple shared a turbulent relationship right from the beginning. Pete was constantly humiliated and threatened by Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West.

West released diss tracks about killing Pete for dating his ex-wife. Unfortunately, the couple decided to part ways recently. The breakup meant that the recent season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” would not be the same.

Although there are speculations about the active involvement of Pete Davidson in the show, the reality is far from true. According to trusted sources, Davidson will not be a part of the reality show anymore following his breakup with Kardashian. Let us learn more about the story in detail below.  

Pete Davidson Inactive Despite Recent Trailers

Pete Davidson fans might be disheartened to learn the fact that the comedian will not take an active part in the upcoming episodes of “Kardashians”. A recent trailer released by Hulu has teased the re-ignition of romance between Pete and Kim. 

The trailer showed that Pete Davidson was asked by Kim Kardashian to accompany him to the shower. Pete obliged immediately and followed her. However, reports have stated that this trailer was only for promotional purposes.