Pete Davidson Presents Kim Kardashian With Flowers Before “The Kardashians” Premiere

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson sends flowers along with a note signed as “Love Aladdin” to Kim Kardashian just before the premiere of her show. 

As Kim was getting all decked up to appear for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in an episode of “The Kardashians”, Kim shows the flowers that she did receive from Pete. 

As the camera zoomed into those beautiful white roses, the message written on the signed note was visible to the audience. It read that Pete was congratulating Kim on her new show. Pete also stated in the card that he was way too proud and happy for Kim and signed the note with a “Love Aladdin”.

The mention of “Aladdin” at the end of the note drags down to the first onscreen appearance that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson shared. They were decked up as Aladdin and Jasmine for one of their skit performances. It was aired in October 2021 for “Saturday Night Live”.

Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Have Dated Each Other For Nine Months

After their first appearance together, they were again found together at Knott’s Scary Farm with both of their hands entangled. This appearance of theirs also led to a lot of speculations about them being in a romantic relationship. 

Kim in the latest episode of “The Kardashians” also stated that Pete Davidson will be his partner for the premiere show in Los Angeles. She said that Pete would not attend the red carpet along with Kim and the Kardashians because the show and the event’s purpose have been decided to celebrate Kim and her family.

Kim and Pete have started dating soon after Kim Kardashian filed a  divorce against Kanye West. Pete Davidson and Kim have always been very vocal about their romantic relationship. 

However, they failed to stick together and seperated after dating each other for about nine months.