Peter Thiel Stole The Entire Show Of Bitcoin 2022 Conference


The Conference of Bitcoin 2022 was filled with new declarations, however, the entire event was stolen by Peter Thiel who threw $100 bills at the people and called Warren Buffet a ‘sociopathic grandpa’. The second day of the conference of bitcoin 2022 was very eventful as expected by the majority of the people. Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal and capitalist of ventures offered his enemy list of BTC, and the third richest man of Mexico, Ricardo Salinas, stated that his 60% portfolio is in bitcoin. 

Thiel Called Warren Buffet ‘Sociopathic Grandpa’ In Bitcoin 2022 Conference 

Thiel, one of the major speakers went to the center stage in the first half of the conference and gave a very good speech in his own style. He threw $100 bills at the people so that he could explain to them the major difference between fiat currency which is endorsed by the Government and cryptocurrency.  

The crown went forward and tried to pick up the money when he joked that as per him the crowd was maximalists of BTC. Following that act, he gave a brisk and exhilarating speech where he shared his prediction that the price of bitcoin will increase 100 times more than the current price and the market for traditional financial businesses will slowly dissolve. 

In his words, the central bank is slowly getting exhausted and the regime of fiat money will soon end. He also shared the list of his rivals where he kept Warren Buffet at the top because of his with him on the BTC critical commentary. The list of his rivals also contained Jamie Dimon and Larry Fink and he criticized them as they are running a society that is filled with old people with traditional thinking that is disrupting the industry of cryptocurrency. 

Lastly, Ricardo Salinas gave a short speech where he mentioned that he has increased the purchase of bitcoin to 60%.