Polygon Believes Gaming To Be The Largest Scale Opportunity For Crypto


The co-founder of Polygon, the Ethereum scaling platform, Sandeep Narwal, believes that Web3 gaming would eventually turn out to be one of the biggest drivers of crypto adoption amongst the masses. In a Reddit community post on 25th May, the founder was asked if he saw some genuine scale real-life use cases of blockchain rather than just payments or trading.

In response, the co-founder stated that gaming could be the single largest scale opportunity for crypto. He further claimed that his company combined with several ecosystem players like IMX, which allowed them to get the lion’s share of the funded games. He was hopeful that it would go all the way. 

Polygon Co-Founder Talks About Gaming Potential

Polygon partnered with Immutable X in March in order to build a scalable gaming blockchain that would utilize the EVM-compatible zk roll-up tech of the company. The network will be slated to launch in the coming months and will also be expected to make blockchain games faster, among a whole host of other things. In a question that came up on a similar topic, the cofounder was asked if cryptocurrency had turned out too speculative. The co-founder of the company didn’t refute this assertion, but it explained that this speculation has been both a boon and bane of crypto.  

Other members of r/India also asked the co-founder of Polygon about his thoughts on decentralization. Crypto was still in a pretty nascent stage. He didn’t completely believe that any blockchain ecosystem, except Ethereum and Bitcoin, is fully decentralized yet. What the industry needed was progressive decentralization of applications and protocols as they achieve greater significance.