Queen Elizabeth Wanted Meghan To Make Up With Father

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth, sensing the painful situation between M Markel and Thomas, her father, stepped in and tried convincingly to make amends and repair her relationship with her dad.

As per the source, the queen felt if things had been handled differently the result would have been much better.

Queen Elizabeth Wanted Meghan To Fix Her Deteriorating Relationship With Father

Thomas Markel, 78, ex-director for lighting for sitcoms and soaps on Television, was all ready to attend the royal wedding and to walk Meghan down the aisle, at the Chapel of St. George. Then rumors started doing the rounds, speculating if he would attend the wedding of his daughter, even after pictures of him surfaced getting measurements done for a suit.

Much later he did admit that the pictures were staged with the help of paparazzi. Later he underwent the surgery for the heart.

He regretted not being physically there to walk Meghan down the aisle, holding her hand. He watched the beautiful wedding service, on TV, tucked in bed.

He even confessed that he was warned by Harry not to collaborate with reporters and that he had hung up the phone on Harry and had lied to him during a heated telephonic exchange before the wedding.

King Charles had to step in his shoes to fulfill his duties of walking Markel down the aisle.

Meghan’s relationship with Thomas further worsened when she held him responsible for leaking a personal letter she had written to him, post the wedding.

Meghan filed a case against The Mail, for publishing her letter, which she won

Queen Elizabeth II who passed away on the 8th of September, wanted Meghan to make up with her father, Thomas. She also wished Harry to do the same with his father and other members of the royal family.