Experts For Bitcoin Question The Price Increase As The $23k Aim Grows In Popularity


After the Wall Street opening on August 30, Bitcoin tickers declined by $27,160, drifting approaching $27,000 as the legal win of digital asset management Grayscale came to a close. Data from TradingView revealed that BTC price volatility has decreased since the day before when a Grayscale decision against US regulators had resulted in gains of 7.5%. Before reversing course and consolidating downward, Bitcoin reached $28K on Bitstamp, its highest level in over two weeks. Despite the usual candle finishing above two significant moving usuals, these hadn’t yet returned as firm intraday support, thus experts remained cautious on the same day.

Collaborator “MAC_D” was one among many reporting that the shift in Grayscale had started on futures exchanges in a Quicktake article for on-chain analytics platform CryptoQuant.

Recent Updates In Bitcoin Similar To Last Year’s Bear Market?

Although funding rates were mostly unchanged, there had been a definite lack of sincere buyer demand on markets. It has not been anticipated that the “Funding Rate” would result in a significant price adjustment because it is not an extreme figure, the author noted. According to other statistics, trade volumes in 2023 were below the ones seen during upswings earlier in the year.

“Of fact, due to the general decline in market liquidity, prices have a propensity to fluctuate considerably even with tiny trading volumes,” said MAC_D. Rekt Capital, a well-known trader and analyst, expressed similar caution in the long-run prognosis. Rekt Capital said that USD/BTC would be printing a move similar to that witnessed in 2021 around its current all-time high in his most recent YouTube post. While there is now no expectation of a new peak in the price of Bitcoin, the recent heights over $31K on the chart of the week and the accompanying decline are eerily similar to how Bitcoin behaved before last year’s bear market.