R. Kelly Gets 20-Year Jail Term for Child Porn; Read About the Singer’s Rise and Fall

r. kelly
r. kelly

The singer, R. Kelly has been recently sentenced to a jail term of 20 years. R. Kelly was a high-flying R&B star singer but he has now become a convict for child sex offenses. On 23rd February 2023, Thursday, R. Kelly was subjected to another set of sex crimes namely, several charges related to child pornography. 

On the other hand, R. Kelly had already been sentenced to a 30-year-long prison time for previous offenses. This latest case of child pornography has added 20 years to his existing jail term. 

Sex Offenses Of R. Kelly Continue To Reveal 

It must also be noted that 19 years of the previous 30-year prison time will be served concurrently by Kelly. 

Kelly is 56 years of age and had been found guilty of 3 different child pornography cases as well as 3 child enticement in September 2022. Nonetheless, R. Kelly was acquitted of the 4th pornography case that was stated as a conspiracy to divert the justice process by the judge. One of the accusers has backed off at the last moment without any reason. 

Harry Leinenweber, District Judge in New York had sentenced R. Kelly to 30 years owing to sex trafficking along with 2021 racketeering cases. Now the prosecutors sent a memo in which they have to sentence him to an additional 25 years of imprisonment. This sentencing memo was sent by the prosecutors last week. 

Star Singer To Sex Convict 

This latest memo means that Kelly will be serving 31 years in prison. He can also appeal to be released when he is 80 years of age. Jennifer Bonjean, Kelly’s lawyer, appealed to a 10-year jail time. She further added that this new sentence basically means another life sentence for Kelly.