Rebel Wilson Shares Her Adorable Kissing Selfie

rebel wilson

Rebel Wilson has been with her globetrotting girlfriend for a long time, and it is adorable that their initials spell R&R. Wilson has been with her girlfriend Ramona Agruma, who has traveled worldwide for the last few months. 

Rebel Wilson recently shared her selfie with girlfriend Ramona while both were wearing beachwear on her Instagram story. Even though their current location is unknown, the backdrop’s streaming sunlight over the steel security gates sent their fans guessing if they were enjoying a mix-stroll or a boardwalk somewhere. The lovebirds’ love for the beach, pool, or waterfront is unimaginable. 

Rebel Wilson Has Started Dating Ramona Relatively Recently

The couple was tapped by paparazzi while skiing in Utah, walking hand-in-hand on the coasts of Italy, and many more since their first public appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party this year. They have recently been spotted in Iceland. According to our sources, they have also taken a helicopter tour. They have also been spotted bathing in the buff in what is called an “ancient cave.” 

Agruma, a fashion designer based in Los Angeles, has been linked to Wilson since the start of this year. However, her partner is yet to come out publicly as gay. However, Wilson has recently revealed the snap on her Instagram that shows them posing over a candlelit dinner that has almost openly described her as gay.

Columnist Andrew Hornery had, to an extent, forced Wilson to publicly announce her relationship and sexuality last month via an op-ed. However, the piece of publication has since been deleted, and Wilson actually, later on, thanked the columnist for pushing her to make everything public. Horner had apologized as well to have acted in that heavy-handed manner.