Can You Receive The Final California Stimulus Checks If You Are Eligible?

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The deadline to apply for the second Golden State stimulus checks has already passed but some residents have an extension to allow them to file state taxes.

The second round of Golden State stimulus checks was provided by the California Comeback Plan, the $100 billion stimulus package signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom back in July 2022. The first payments went out in October last year and the distribution effort is nearly complete.

To be eligible for the payments California residents must have submitted their 2020 tax return no later than 15 October 2021. This was necessary for the California Franchise Tax Board (CFTB) to decide how much each individual’s entitlement was and to make sure that it goes to the correct bank account.

Some Of The The Exceptions To Receive These Stimulus Checks

The vast majority of people who are able to receive a Golden State stimulus check will now have received theirs, but there are some exceptions.

The ultimate batch of payments was to be sent out on January 11, which means that most people would have received their checks by now. 

The payments were staggered between October 2021 and January 2022 on the basis of the final three digits of the recipient’s ZIP code.

As well the case with the three rounds of federal stimulus checks, payments made via direct deposit into a bank account was issued first and often arrived within days. The final payments to be distributed were the paper stimulus checks, which were sent to those with limited banking access.

In the case of the Golden State stimulus checks, the CFTB has advised that it could take up to three weeks after mailing for them to arrive. This means that anyone expecting a paper stimulus check may need to wait three weeks after 11 January for it to appear in their mailbox.