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Rihanna Sparks New Rumor

Rihanna was spotted at Superbowl with her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky. She’s been spotted wearing a number of baby bump-baring outfits, and now fans think they might have just gotten their first clue about the name of her baby.

The singer was recently spotted out sporting a new piece of jewelry, and fans think she might have dropped a hint about the name of her baby. The 34-year-old has been seen sporting a number of baby bump-baring outfits while vacationing in her home country. The media also reported that Rihanna’s boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, had been spotted in Barbados as well.

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Rihanna was seen wearing a necklace with the name “D” engraved on it at the Superbowl. The singer was snapped wearing the piece of jewelry, which also featured a rose gold chain and two diamonds. Rihanna also wore a matching ring that day, which had similar engraving done to it as well. The singer didn’t reveal any further details about her child’s name or gender at this time but did reveal that she plans on having an “easy” delivery when it comes time for her son to come into the world!

Rihanna Teases The Name Of Her Baby

The necklace was spotted in a photo of Rihanna and her family, which was posted to her Instagram account. While the singer did not reveal the meaning behind her choice in jewelry, it could be that she has taken a liking to one of the names she is considering for her new baby: D.

While there’s no confirmation on who the babysitter is, the media  also reported that Rihanna’s boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, had been spotted in Barbados. The rapper has been dating the singer since 2016 and was even seen wearing a matching necklace with a “RiRi” pendant engraved on it.

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