Ron Johnson’s GOP Under Fire From Democrats For Airing Uncontested Election Claims

Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson

When Ron Johnson from Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs decided to organize a Senate panel to discuss the election results, he probably didn’t realize the implications of it. As reports go, the Republican-led panel which had a discussion for close to 3-hours simply started shouting at one another throughout the discussion. The committee had both Republicans and Democrats in it, and after some time, the entire panel turned into one screaming match. 

Throughout this debacle, we have to praise the spirit of Ron Johnson, as he tried to keep the peace between the two parties. He kept mentioning that the discussion was simply to evaluate the information that was gleaned from the election results. But Democrats like Gary Peters rivaled that notion by stating that such ‘evaluations’ were just a front for conspiracy theories.

Ron Johnson Had No Evidence To Back his Claims

And maybe the Democrats did have some truth to their statement. For, the witnesses called on by the GOP- out of which two of them turned out to be the campaign lawyers for Trump- all turned out to be a hoax. Most of the fraudulent incidents that the witnesses spoke of- including several at Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada- had already been dealt with, in courts.

The Democrats had called upon one witness- Christopher Krebs. For the uninitiated, Krebs was once the top election security official for the Trump administration. He did provide several strong points from the Democratic side, including the idea that such election disputes simply harmed democracy. False conspiracy claims such as these had no basis- and in fact, led to death threats sent to officials. 

Ron Johnson did hold on to the belief that fraud had occurred- despite providing no evidence on that front. And as we can see, that did lead to quite a point of contention between the two parties.