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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Stimulus Check Would Probably Be a Part of the Covid-19 Relief Bill

It seems this year will probably end on good terms for the American citizens, as a $900 billion Covid-19 relief bill with a stimulus check has already been finalized by legislators. This information was passed on by a source who didn’t really have the authority to go on record. This increasingly possible deal would definitely help to update the federal unemployment insurance benefits. Also, the relief bill would lead to some form of added assistance to the local and state governments. The Republican side of the deal- liability protections- might not be part of the deal, but lawmakers are still negotiating to bring it into the fold. 

A Stimulus Check Seems a Certainty with the Relief Bill

Sen. John Thune believes that a stimulus check of $600 or $700 would be on the board- as they had been discussing on that amount. The benefits for unemployment were also being discussed- and almost fixed at $300 every week. He also spoke about how the money allotted for the renewal of the Paycheck Protection Program was close to $330 billion. And this definitely ought to help several small businesses with their loan issues. 

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Most of the Senate leaders are quite optimistic with the ball rolling on the morning of Wednesday. Mitch McConnell has already stated that they are taking big leaps on the deal, and it could pass both the Houses without any issues. Chuck Schumer also mentioned that they were on the edge of an agreement. 

Both sides of the government stated that the relief bill with the stimulus check might not contain every single thing that they wanted, but something was better than nothing. Also, this bill will be passed keeping the short-term goals in check, so there is still some time.

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