Home entrepreneur Rottweiler Life LLC, The First And Most Popular Website Targeting Rottweiler Owners

Rottweiler Life LLC, The First And Most Popular Website Targeting Rottweiler Owners


It’s great to find people who can manage a successful entrepreneurial business out of their passion.  If you have a Rottweiler, willing to get a Rottweiler or just love Rottweilers, Rottweiler Life is the best website to follow. The website includes a lot of categories related to this dog breed. There you will find:

Rottweiler Care & Health: This will help you know more about foods, toxins and the proper number of vet visits.

Rottweiler Training: Which will give you more information about obedience training, correcting behaviors and the right ways of giving the commands.

Rottweiler 101: It’s an article collection about the Rottweiler breed. You will learn much amount of valuable historical and scientific information and myths about Rottweilers.

Behavior Problems: If your Rottweiler is behaving badly, you’ll find articles that will make you more aware of the proper way to correct the bad attitude without making them more stubborn.

And if you’re so in love with the Rottweiler breed, here you’ll find the best videos and stories about your favorite ones!

Ahmed Sobhy‘s Rottweiler Life was created in 2012, and it’s considered one of the most followed dog websites.

When we asked Ahmed Sobhy about how did he start his website, we knew that it was just an educational project made out of his passion for dogs. But then, it turned out to be an income-generation business with more than 1.4 million followers! The website started with some work from home besides a number of talented freelancing writers. From the very beginning, Rottweiler Life was created to collect all the information and stories about Rottweilers. Ahmed Sobhy stated that he has been a “dog addict” since he was a child.

Sobhy started by using Facebook and created a page for Rottweiler lovers. There, people communicate with each other sharing their puppies’ stories, pictures, questions, and videos.

As long as there is a little content about Rottweilers, Sobhy’s fan page reached 200k followers in less than 3 months! Therefore, he created the website which instantly received a massive response and huge growth!