Safari Becomes The Second Most-Used Web Browser On Desktops In The World


The web browser that Apple provides by default on all of its iPads, iPhones, and Macs is known as Safari. However, despite being present in such a wide range of products, in 2022, the browser had been unseated as the second-most popular browser. Microsoft Edge had overtaken it. However, fresh data reveals that Apple’s browser has retaken its previous spot on the rankings.

Safari’s Heated Battled With Edge On The Popularity Scale

As per the reports of Statcounter – a site specializing in measuring how popular web browsers are by processing data from several websites – Safari has managed to retake its spot as the world’s 2nd most popular web browser. To put it in exact terms: Safari is being used regularly by 11.87% of desktop users while Edge sits in 3rd place with 11%.

Of course, the top spot remains firmly and unsurprisingly locked by Google Chrome, which controls the market share’s whopping 66.13%. In comparison, in 2022, Statcounter said Safari saw a growth of 2% while Edge’s growth was merely 1%. At the same time, there was almost no growth for Google Chrome which indicates the lack of pressure from its competitors.

Apple has included a few new features with its macOS Ventura that have done wonders for Safari’s popularity. This includes improved CSS, strong editing of passwords, a Group for Shared Tabs, and push notifications for websites. Another feature is the Passkeys – the latest method of authentication on websites that use Touch ID and does not require the traditional password.

However, the Apple web browser still has some catching up to do with regard to its competitors, especially in the area of supporting the most recent web standards. This remains one of the major causes behind users choosing other web browsers over Safari.