Are You Eligible For The State’s $500 Stimulus Check Offer To Tax Filers?

stimulus check

It’s possible that many happy Georgians have already received more money as the state started sending out the initial batch of Stimulus checks for surplus tax refunds yesterday. Legislators granted Governor Brian Kemp’s proposal to provide qualified state taxpayers with their tax refunds for the second year in a row. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, these reimbursements will use up an estimated $one billion of the $six point six billion in excess earnings from the previous financial year.

Because of its pandemic preparedness and prudent budgeting, Georgia has recently been able to give tax refunds for excess revenue. Kemp approved House Bill No. 162, which grants tax refunds to individuals who have submitted forms for the years 2021 as well as 2022.

Residents who submitted taxes in the previous 2021, as well as 2022 tax years, are eligible for a refund, although no one is eligible for the amount that they spent in state taxes on income in 2021. A cheque will be mailed to eligible recipients, or money may be deposited right away.

Stimulus Check Criteria

No money will be given to those who do not owe taxes, which includes many retirees who do not owe state taxes on their income. Taxpayers who were listed as dependents and owed money in taxes in 2021 are also qualified for the refund, though.

Since the final federal stimulus payment was made in 2021, many states have used surpluses to give tax credits, consolation, or stimulus checks to their citizens to help combat excessive inflation.

Taxpayers who submitted their returns by the deadline of 18 April could anticipate receiving their stimulus check/tax reimbursements by the conclusion of June. Refunds won’t be given out until the processing of the 2022 taxpayer returns. Refunds for taxpayers who requested filing extensions won’t be issued until the returns have fully been submitted.