Serena Williams Told Olympia Of Her pregnancy

Serena Williams

The tennis player is presently pregnant with her second child, which she will have with her spouse Alexis Ohanian. Serena Williams and her husband told their daughter Olympia that she would soon become a big sister. Ohanian and Williams will announce their second pregnancy before departing the 2023 Met Gala. Williams will inform Olympia of her pregnancy before departing the Met. Because she is unable to maintain a secret, the athlete has not told her.

Serena Williams’s Short Video on YouTube

Williams teases further on YouTube by sharing the news with her little child in a short video. The video’s footage was taken not long before Williams, as well as her Reddit co-founder spouse, made the news of their pregnancy public earlier in the week. Williams uploaded a rotating display of images of herself as well as Ohanian on Instagram before walking the Met Gala red carpet, revealing her baby bulge beneath her clothing.

The group was invited to attend Met Gala by Anna Wintour. Williams stated in the first-person article she penned for Vogue just last year that she never dreamed about raising kids at the outset of her professional life and that she was beginning an evolution, beyond tennis toward her goals of growing her family. Due to her insecurity and lack of self-assurance, Serena Williams feared becoming a mother. Olympia has an incredibly physical mother in Serena Williams.

Olympia has been just separated from her for one whole day in the past five years. The 4-time Olympic gold winner added, she always looked forward to watching her face light up when she stepped out of the structure and saw her waiting for the little kid. Recently, while her body was healing from the hamstring injury, she was able to take her up after school for about 4/5 days a week. Whenever it involves Olympia, nothing is worth giving up for her, in actuality. Olympia Williams, who had a life-threatening blood clot and underwent an urgent cesarean section, considered herself fortunate to be surviving.