Satoshi Nak-AI-Moto- The Creator Of Bitcoin Is Now An AI Chatbot

Satoshi Nak-AI-Moto

While Satoshi Nakamoto might have disappeared from the face of the world over 12 years ago, two dabblers in artificial intelligence are looking towards reviving the ability to chat with the famed creator of Bitcoin in the form of Satoshi Nak-AI-Moto.

On 31st May, Pierre Corbin, the co-organizer of Bitcoin FilmFest, and Hugo Ferrer, the co-developer released Talk2Satoshi, an AI chatbot that would be aiming at answering questions about economics and Bitcoin if they came from the creator himself. The model, which is basically ChatGPT, has been trained on a limited data set, which includes the forum posts and public emails of Nakamoto. It also draws from many other sources, which include The Bitcoin Standard, the book by Saifedean Ammous, The Price Of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth, and The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin- a film by Corbin. 

Satoshi Nak-AI-Moto, The New Bitcoin Chatbot

While testing Satoshi Nak-AI-Moto, the chatbot generated responses that were typically uncertain of the future of fiat currencies, as well as being hopeful about Bitcoin, while it can provide conflicting answers depending on how the entire question is prompted. For example, the open-ended questions lead to very generic responses which could be both uncertain and promising.

The model hasn’t been trained on the more recent developments of Bitcoin, such as the BRC-20 tokens, or the Ordinals protocol, and would often generate a response saying that it couldn’t provide an opinion on most of the topics. But the entirety depends on the question, where contradiction could arise with responses to the BRC-20 tokens, and Ordinals. 

When Satoshi Nak-AI-Moto was asked a question about Ordinals, it mentioned that Bitcoin was not at all meant to be a platform for the storage or transmission of images or other forms of data.