Taika Waititi Is All Praise For His Wife’s Extreme Talent

Taika Waititi

It seems it is impossible for Taika Waititi to tone down his praise for his wife. While speaking with a media outlet for their latest cover story, the 47-year-old talked highly regarding his collaboration with his wife, Rita Ora, for “Praising You”, her song’s, music video.

Taika Waititi Remains In Awe Of Rita Ora

While talking with the magazine, Taika Waititi said that he loved working alongside her, and described the experience as extremely enjoyable. He explains that it feels nice being the spouse of as well as working alongside someone so extremely talented. He also explains that the two’s humor has a similar sense as well as their taste in music.

Further along during the interview, Taika Waititi also sang highly about the way 32-year-old Rita Ora dropped out of school to pursue her dreams of becoming a pop star and even achieving it. As such, he explains that his wife often says some of the coolest things he has heard.

As an example, Taika Waititi explains that Rita Ora uses “slow and behold”, in place of the phrase “lo and behold”. On being pointed out, she had responded that her version sounded much better, to which Waititi agreed wholeheartedly. In August of last year, a source revealed that the couple’s wedding took place in a tiny ceremony. The news came soon after rumors regarding their marriage had surfaced after Ora and Waititi apparently wore wedding bands in a picture on their social media accounts.

Earlier in May, another cover story of Rita Ora, the singer of “Let Your Love Me”, revealed how they had planned their confidential wedding. She had claimed that the entire event was planned over only three days when she was not in her “album cycle mode”. She wanted Waititi’s kids to be present at the ceremony, so it had to be at that time.