Rita Ora Responds To The “Extremely Misogynistic” Criticism She Has Received Over Her Seductive Appearance

Rita Ora

The pop artist claimed that the entertainment sector treated women differently when it came to the way they dressed and the way they behaved in her new Glamour UK cover story.

She expressed that she has always had to deal with criticisms in her professional life regarding what she wore and had been asked if her clothes seemed “too naked”, further adding that such comments were very misogynistic, said Rita Ora who has never shunned away from bold fashion choices.

Rita Ora Calls Out Misogyny In The Movie Industry

The “Poison” singer, 32, who graces the cover of the publication in a beautiful gold Maximilian Raynor coat with a voluminous collar, noted that Madonna is somebody she has always looked up to since she is bold in both her attitude and fashion.

She was aware that not everyone would share her opinion. And just went forward and did it, Ora remarked. Rita Ora further added that she was quite graceful for that since it allowed her to be a lil more crazy and outlandish with everything. She says what she likes and wears what she wants to. She believes that people, in general, should be more accepting of flaws since she was not perfect In the interview, she also shared more information about her covert nuptials to 47-year-old director Taika Waititi, including the history of the “incredible” dress she wore on her wedding day. She said that she had once seen a gown in a fashion show in 2018 where it was made out of gorgeous white lace and a floor-length veil and had never forgotten that. For Rita Ora, it had come straight from the movie and the following incidents she described were no less out of a movie either. 

The gown she described, was the same one she wore for her wedding, and recalling the day she went to buy a dress for her wedding, this gorgeous white lace one was the only dress there was at the Tom Ford store.