Despite Paternity Rumors, Kate Chastain Refers To Ben Robinson’s Girlfriend As His “Best Stepmom.”

Kate Chastain

The new mother is amusing!

While congratulating Ben on the recent engagement to partner Kiara Cabral, Kate Chastain made fun of rumors that the baby’s father is her former co-actor from “Below Deck” and a dear friend, Chef Robinson. “Congratulations!” On top of a shot of the news item regarding his proposal that she posted to her Insta Story on Thursday, Chastain wrote that Ciara would make the perfect stepmom, according to her. The 40-year-old ex-chief stew revealed the birth of her baby Sullivan Cay, her first kid, the previous week without mentioning the father. As soon as Robinson, who Kate Chastain had romantically been associated with in S2 and S3 of the reality show on Bravo TV, was revealed to be Sullivan’s father, rumors among fans started to circulate.

Kate Chastain Opens Up About Wanting To Raise Baby Sullivan By Herself Amid Paternity Rumors

One person on social media commented about the baby’s look being similar to Chef Ben, which further led to fans speculating if it was his baby. Other others commented on their “similarity,” and one person added, “Tell me Ben’s the dad without telling me Ben’s the dad.” The 42-year-old Robinson has not yet confirmed or denied the claim, but Kate Chastain disproved it immediately. She joked on social media with a picture of her little one saying that the one thing his ‘handsome’ baby had as a similarity to a chef was his tendency to be a little bit emotional during and around meals.

Kate Chastain revealed she was expecting in December last year and then told Bravo CEO Andy Cohen that she was “excited” to parent by herself. When asked about it, she replied on a show at the time that she thought her job as chief stew trained her for the same.