Rita Ora Smears Mud On Herself In Beach Pictures

rita ora

Rita Ora flaunted her toned body on Instagram, posting a series of photographs in which she poses in a skimpy black bikini on a beach.

The 31-year-old British singer plastered dirt all over her face and body in the provocative photographs, which also show her rubbing the sludge on her legs, stomach, and arms.

Keep drinking water and using an exfoliant, Ora advised in the picture captions.

Rita Ora Received Plenty Of Love In The Comments

Even though Rita Ora was showered with love and flame emojis in the comment sections, many of her devoted followers noticed the flirtatious remark that her boyfriend Taika Waititi had written.

“Exfoliating children is not a good idea!” The filmmaker of “Jojo Rabbit” cracked a joke.

Since Monday, the singer best known for her hit “Body On Me” has been posting stunning pictures from her recent trip.

In addition to the pictures taken in the mud, the artist flaunted her trim figure in full-body bikini photographs and close-up selfies that she uploaded on her Instagram account.

Ora was accompanied on the vacation by her elder sister, Elena Ora, and even uploaded some racy photos of herself on her own throughout the trip.

Elena, who is 33 years old, signed one of her captions with “Aloha.”