Jessica Simpson’s ‘Fidgety,’ Word-‘Slurring’ Flonase Ad Sparks Concern

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

Concerned fans have voiced their disapproval of Jessica Simpson‘s new Flonase commercial, citing the fact that the singer “fidgets” and her speech seemed to slur.

In the course of the Instagram video she shared with her followers The 41-year-old former singer and current fashion designer is shown on Tuesday probably reading from a script while clutching a container of nasal spray in a hand and thrashing it around with the other.

Someone’s voice yelled, “Hey, gang. Apparently outside her home, she tells the camera, She added that climate change was tough to deny, especially for her friends in Los Angeles.

They were all affected by the fires a few years ago, and the rise in temperatures was always in their minds, she continued, chuckling now and then and darting her eyes back and forth.

The “other effects of increased temperatures impacting us right now,” which Simpson calls “invisible monsters,” include “greater pollen count and the longer, harsher allergy seasons,” among other things.

Jessica Simpson Claims To Use The Product For Years

Jessica Simpson, who has been married to Eric Johnson for eight years and has three children (Maxwell, 9, Birdie, 3, and Ace, 8) with him, promotes Children’s Flonase in a video. Simpson says she has been using the medicine “for years.”

In the comments section of an accompanying Instagram post, several fans expressed astonishment and even discomfort at the sponsored connection, while others focused on the star’s “painful” performance and “strange” manner.

One user said, “Painful to see and regrettably I adore her,” while another said, “Flonase please get an expert. What a mortifying thing to see.