Scaramucci Happily Investing In 2023 Crypto Company Founded By Former CEO Of FTX US

Scaramucci Investing in 2023

Anthony Scaramucci, founder and managing partner of Skybridge Capital, has blazoned plans to invest in a cryptocurrency establishment innovated by the former chairman of the U.S. arm of FTX.

Brett Harrison, who headed up the U.S. division of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has launched a new adventure, and Scaramucci’s Skybridge Capital will be among the first investors.

The new company, named Onyx, is a decentralized trading platform and will be the first of its kind to offer a range of services, including cryptocurrency payments, staking, and periphery trading.

Scaramucci In Crypto Industry

Scaramucci, who also innovated investment establishment Skybridge Capital, has shown considerable interest in crypto, and nearly half of theUS$3.5 billion SkyBridge Capital fund is invested in digital means.

The move to invest in a cryptocurrency establishment comes as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to soar, reaching a new each-time high of US$,38,000 on Jan. 2 and continuing to rise in the following days.

Scaramucci has already spoken out about the eventuality of cryptocurrencies, and the need for regulation in the sector. In an interview with Bloomberg in December, he said that “ the whole idea of digital means, digital currency, is getting more and more accepted. ”

He’s also a oral exponent of the need for nonsupervisory oversight in the sector, and has called for a “digital bone” to be created, in order to bring the crypto request into the U.S. fiscal system.

The news of Scaramucci’s investment in Onyx is likely to further boost confidence in the cryptocurrency sector, as the former White House dispatch director is seen as a reputed figure in the fiscal world.

It’s likely that his investment in Onyx will help legitimize the sector, and will open up more openings for investors. With the price of Bitcoin continuing to rise, it’s clear that Scaramucci’s move is a shrewd one.