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Where’s My Second California Stimulus Check? The Latest Round Could See 803,000 More Payments

It has been close to 2 months since the Golden State started giving out their second round of stimulus check payments of up to $1,100 to eligible residents. Millions have received their payment but for many residents, they have this one common question. Where’s my second California stimulus check?

The Golden State Stimulus Check II began to roll into individual accounts after it was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in the second week of July. Most residents have received their initial stimulus check, but many are eager to know where’s my second California stimulus check?

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Over half a billion dollars has been paid under the second round of the Golden State Stimulus payment. It has been a holiday bonus for many to end the year.

On December 10, 2021, alone, around $6.1B were sent out as per the figure released by the tax board.

The latest round has shown that around 794,000 payments were sent that were worth another $568M. they were mailed starting December 13 and went on through December 31, 2021.

People Who Have Exhausted Their Waiting Period Want To Know Where’s My Second California Stimulus Check

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People who received the stimulus check in the first round are not eligible for a second check. But eligible tax filers who have children in their care and meet other requirements will receive a payment of $500 for each child in the second round.

California has not let up in its place of payment and many more are expected to roll out in the next few months. But the delay could be attributed to some of the following reasons.

The California Franchise Tax Board has updated the website for those who want to know where’s my second California stimulus check?

Keeping Track Of The Stimulus Check

The majority of the recipients will get their payment through direct transfer to their bank account. But people who filed their income tax returns after 20 august last year can expect a waiting period of up to 45 days to allow their returns to be processed before they get their stimulus payment.

People who want to know where’s my second California stimulus check as they are yet to receive it even after 45 days. But the mailing of the payment began on October 4 and was expected to run through December 2021.

But getting a paper check will depend on the ZIP code of the recipient. The tax board has stated that if the income tax return has been processed post the date of the scheduled ZIP code check payment, it could take even up to 60 days.

Officials Give Reason To People Asking Where’s My Second California Stimulus Check

Controller Betty Yee has stated that the last year was about helping out the vulnerable residents of California.

The latest batch of payout went to residents living in and around the Sacramento area as the checks go according to by ZIP code.  Yee said that the team is working non-stop to process the payment working even on weekends to make sure that they can stay within the deadline.

Around 8.1M California stimulus payments have been issued in the 2nd round. The total value comes to nearly $5.8B, as per data released by the FTB.

The spokesperson for FTB,  Andrew LePage has said that with most of the payments already dispatched, there are expected to be close to 8.5M payments under the scheme when the last batch of payments have gone out.

Most of the figures given out are estimates, he said, and have not been passed through fraud and eligibility checks. Some individual TIN filers get until the 15th of next month to finally file their pending returns.

The administration of Governor Newsom has stated that two-thirds of Californians should get their share in the $12B being dispatched under the California stimulus payments.

The program was originally intended for low-earning Californians. But subsequently, the reach and scope of the payments were expanded to bring in people earning $75,000 or less into the net. The sole criteria are that they should have filed returns for 2020.

The deadline sent on October 15, 2021, for filing the 2020 state returns was the final deadline for claiming the stimulus check.

People who want to know where’s my second California stimulus check need to go through the following points to know their position.

Residents of the state should have filed their income tax returns for 2020 before October 15, 2021. They must have an adjusted gross income in California that must be between $1 and $75,000. 

Residents who received their stimulus payment in the first round of the Golden State payment will get a stimulus check under phase 2 only for their dependents, which comes to $600 per dependent.

Residents will get a stimulus check only if they have been a resident of the state for over half of the tax year 2020. They must also be a resident of the state on the day when a stimulus check is issued in their name.

Residents who are otherwise eligible for the stimulus check cannot be claimed as dependent by any other resident.

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