Selena Gomez Believes Staying Off The Internet Has Helped Her Mental Health

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Although Selena Gomez had the most Instagram followers back in 2016, she hasn’t been in the frame for the last 4 years. In her words, she has not been on the internet for over four years- something that has had quite a meaningful impact on her life. Speaking to Good Morning America, this pop star stated that her life was changed completely. She found herself happier, and more at the moment. While she did understand that the Internet was quite a powerful place- with lots of use coming out of it, she received her news from people around her- far more hassle-free. 

Selena Gomez Talks To Good Morning America- Speaks About Mental Health, and Staying Off The Internet

Selena Gomez currently has around 300 million followers on Instagram, which has given her the platform to promote Wondermind. This is a platform for mental health that she has helped found- amidst times that are quite tumultuous for people all around the globe. The singer, who has been quite outspoken regarding her challenges with bipolarity, did inform GMA that the goal was to make any resource needed available to those who were suffering. 

Selena Gomez mentioned that there were obviously places where one could go when they needed help dealing with their mental health issues, but it also cost them ludicrous amounts of money. But Wondermind, just like Planned Parenthood, has been a place for women where they feel okay and are understood. And this is something Gomez believes would be the first step toward making people aware and dealing with mental health issues.