Selling Tampa Has Been Rejected Renewal For The Second Season

Selling Tampa

Selling Tampa will not be available for its next season. The show has not been renewed for its second season. Several members of the cast of Selling Tampa blame the cancellation of the second season on racial discrimination.  

The cast members of Selling Tampa claimed that thoughts related to racial discrimination have led to the decision not to renew the show. Selling Tampa is a women-oriented show where the women rule luxurious estates at an agency in Tampa. The show revolves around black women ruling the agency.

Selling Tampa Cast States That Racism Played A Role In Decision-Making For Not Renewing The Season

One of the cast members from Selling Tampa, Juawana Colbert states that as black women have been portrayed in a different light in the show where women are not bickering and fighting against each other, people failed to accept the same in good light. She highlighted the fact that racism led to the cancellation of the second season of Selling Tampa.

The show premiered on Netflix last December. The cast members were all women of color. The cast included Tennille Moore, Colbert, Anne-Sophie Petit, Colony Reeves, Rena Frazier, Karla Giorgo, Alexis Williams, Sharelle Rosado, and Rena Frazier.

The cast members stated that they used to continuously get Dms from their fans and audience asking them about the new season of the show. The audience was eagerly waiting for the second season but the cast members failed to provide them with any appropriate reply as they themselves were not properly aware of the happenings. The cast members also complained that they were kept on hold and were not informed about any concrete decision for more than a year. The show was topping the list for several countries but unfortunately, the renewal of the show for another season was canceled.