Sharna Burgess Says Not Fascinated With Megan Fox Comparison

Sharna Burgess

Brian Green and Sharna Burgess have been together happily for more than a year and are together expecting their 1st child. But ever since this piece of news went public, fans have compared Sharna Burgess with his ex, Megan Fox.

Fox shares three children with Brian Austin Green. So it will be a tough task as co-parents for the newborn. But Sharna Burgess has expressed that she is not interested in such comparison.

Sharna Burgess recently invited her fans to sports questions. While there were regular questions on her pregnancy and skincare, a fan wanted her to share the experience of dating Brian after his breakup with Megan Fox.

As Megan and Brian share three children, their relationship dates back to an earlier period. But they have now moved on, and other people have replaced them. They have co-parented their children rather well. But that did not stop some fans from wondering if there ever was an awkward moment for Sharna in her relationship with Brian.

Fan Directly Asks Sharna Burgess About Being In Megan’s Footsteps

One fan directly asked Sharna Burgess about being in Fox’s footsteps. Sharna says that she normally ignores such pointed questions, but she feels that it is difficult being compared to the ex of a partner. Or being compared generally to other women.

Sharna feels that society has predetermined that women who come in later are bitchy and have a competitive streak. There is a feeling that such women are never happy with just being who they are and want to be what the former partner was.

they end up getting measured based on their weight and looks more than anything else, Sharna Burgess says.

The dancer from Australia continued that while Megan was amazing, so was she. She told fans to continue down a path of their own rather than comparing it with anyone else.