Sharon Stone Brings Her Own Refreshment To The Pre-Grammy Party

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone attended Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy celebration at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday night, and she brought her herbal refreshment. As Lil Wayne played through a selection of his songs, the crowd could smell the marijuana he had been smoking. When asked where the smell was coming from, Stone confidently declared, “I guess it is me.” True enough, it was. In her sitting room, the “Basic Instinct” icon kindly enquired, “Is it OK? She said, “Can I start smoking?” then lit up a joint and passed it to the person sitting next to her. 

Sharon Stone Came Prepared 

Among those who sat close to Sharon Stone were Beverly Johnson, Nancy Davis, Lorraine Schwartz, Nikki Haskell, Tamron Hall, Denise Rich, and Don Lemon. Hall described Sharon Stone as “a whole mood” in an Instagram story.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber, however, was in the “zone” (as Swizz Beatz would say). Following the performance by Swizz, Lil Baby, and Wayne, he chanted along with them with full passion. The reporter was ecstatic to be interviewing Lil Wayne.

Stone boogied to the beat of Wayne’s “Lollipop,” which featured the lines “shawty want to thug.” In between cheering and twirling, she was hustling the room, storming tables, and flaunting her smartphone art. An impassioned Kevin Costner spoke about his “The Bodyguard” partner Whitney Houston.

When Whitney Houston passed away over eleven years ago, just a few hours before she was to attend Davis’ hotel party, Kevin Costner began the event by paying tribute to her. Both I and music tycoon Clive Davis were immediately taken by Whitney during our first meeting,” Costner remarked.

A little later, Costner informed Davis he had “something that I had never mentioned to you yet.” Perhaps this is not the appropriate venue, but I would hate to lose this opportunity. Davis was a “wonder in her world,” as Costner put it.