Shiba Inu Community Divided Over Allegations

Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu

There is no question that meme currencies have a unique role in the crypto industry. Despite its modest purpose of generating a joke, meme cryptocurrency Shiba Inu has proven its usefulness time and time again. Its value is steadily climbing, which has investors delighted. On March 17, a top-ranked community member, Steve, claimed in the official Shiba Inu Discord that the Shibarium layer-2 beta testnet and the Rinia testnet, an existent blockchain, had similar chain IDs.

Shiba Inu Community Has Split Opinions

“There is no way that it can be taken over it without shytoshi and kaal [Shiba Inu developers] directly having coms with him and requesting him to restart (tricking him) in order to take his origin file and steal his work,” Steve added. Kaal then announced that “without any fistfights,” the latest version of the Shibraium beta system with such a new chain ID would be launched. Later in the day, though, Steve expressed another worry, this time comparing two screenshots to demonstrate the purported similarities between the Shibarium alpha testnet and Polygon’s Bombay testnet.

There’s no question that Shiba Inu is significant for the cryptocurrency market in general, and the price increase is a good indicator. Yet, no one can deny that there is a lot of volatility in Shiba Inu, therefore it is not surprising that some investors wish to wait till its price settles. Love Hate Inu, on the other hand, is having enormous achievements with its preorder, and its development potential is great.