Shiba Inu’s Burner Account On Twitter Has Been Suspended

Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu

Shibburn, which is the burner Twitter account of Shiba Inu, and is quite well-engaged with the rest of the crypto fraternity, has been suspended out of the blue. This suspension, naturally, has garnered a lot of attention, because some of the account holders reached out to a bunch of influential people like Elon Musk, and Linda Yaccarino- the new CEO of Twitter, in their plea for resolution and assistance.

The Shibburn account has already gained a lot of traction among the entirety of the crypto community for the updates and engagement it provides related to SHIB- especially when it comes to the burn rates. The Twitter account went on to claim that the developer portal of the social media indicates a violation of policies and rules on the app. It had mentioned that an email providing additional information was supposed to be issued to them- but they never received it. Moreover, they have also gone ahead and encountered challenges while trying to submit a support ticket. 

Shiba Inu’s Burner Account Was Suspended By Twitter

The sudden suspension of the Shiba Inu burner account has led to a mass flurry of deliberation and speculation among the crypto community, with a lot of individuals questioning the very transparency and consistency of the moderation procedures of Twitter. The account had tagged several influential figures in the Twittersphere to help in raising awareness of the situation, whilst anticipating a response from the social media platform. 

Incidentally, Shiba Inu’s burner account isn’t the first account that social media has suspended recently. On 19th June, the social media platform suspended the account of the popular meme coin-linked artificial intelligence-powered bot after Musk alleged that it was nothing but a scam crypto account.