Shopify Deploys Tokengated E-Commerce Experience


Tokengated websites have turned into a popular web3 use case for e-commerce. They make sites accessible to those holding a particular token or NFT. And the cooperation seen between such industries has been spreading out and deepening with each passing day.

Shopify has been one of the leading e-commerce sites that have provided value to their clients through the prioritization of the online experience. This has led to more creative and personalized experiences over the years.

While the blockchain ecosystem has seen some major upheavals recently, the amount of innovation it has introduced to the system has stayed constant. And it is around the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that the focus of distribution and creation has been built.

And now Shopify NFTs merchants can access the token-gating tools. It will help direct whether token holders can gain access to its exclusive products, benefits, and NFT drops or are denied.

How Shopify Created A Token-Gated Experience

The token-gated experience has come to be vastly utilized by Shopify and other e-commerce brands. Using the third web, an NFT is created. It offers a full stack of useful developer tools that include audited and pre-built smart contracts, dashboards, and SDKs, to help developers create, manage, and deploy their web3 apps.

The move was announced via Twitter with the team designer of Shopify blockchain @ryancreatescopy noting that they have launched several fresh tools that will help build token-gating apps exclusively for Shopify merchant users.

The expanded connect features of the crypto wallet and the token-gating API or the application programming interface tools are highlighted. The API has stayed in beta access mode since June of last year and was available earlier to only a few select merchants. With the introduction of token gating, all Shopify merchants are now able to regulate access to their exclusive products through their stores.