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Smaller Cryptocurrencies Have Surged After Bitcoin Crossed $34,000

While people have been watching the blistering rally of bitcoin, other smaller cryptocurrencies have also surged. Ether, Ethereum blockchains digital token has reached past the mark of $1,000 on Monday and hit the highest level, which it last reached on February 2nd,2018.

Bitcoin’s Surge Has Actually Helped The Smaller Cryptocurrencies

According to all the data from CoinDesk, a crypto news website, Ether last traded at $1,038 up by 30% during the past 24 hours. This news comes after the world’s biggest cryptocurrency reached its high of all time, briefly crossing the mark of $34,000.The biggest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of market value reached $34,452 on early Sunday and finally dropped to $31,780 the next day. Even XRP, which is the digital currency linked controversially with startup Ripple, climbed on Monday.XRP last surged by roughly 7% during the past 24 hours and traded at roughly 23 cents.

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One of the smaller cryptocurrencies, XRP is worth below half its value about 2 weeks ago, the time when the US SEC slapped a lawsuit on Ripple claiming that it conducted unregistered securities with XRP. Meanwhile, one of the smaller cryptocurrencies,litecoin traded above 10% on Monday to roughly $155.Charles Lee, a crypto entrepreneur created litecoin for faster processing of transactions than bitcoin’s blockchain network. The altcoins, one of the smaller cryptocurrencies, gained after BTC reached the $20,000 mark in 2017, amidst a surge in interest from many retail investors.

John Hardy, head, FX strategy, Saxo Bank stated on Monday that the pace of all the gains, which is super-exponential is impressive, however, it has the risk of sharp corrections at the time they arrive. Ether was near to it’s all-time high over $1,400 which the cryptocurrency crossed in 2018 mid-January. The network of the cryptocurrency recently initiated a massive update known as Ethereum 2.0, which is predicted for being a lot more secure and faster.


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