SNL Under Fire For Parody Video Of The Try Guns: Accused By Viewers Of Missing The Point In Parody Of The Exit Of Member Ned Fulmer

Ned Fulmer SNL

Saturday Night Live (SNL) made a parody of the video in which the Try Guys mentioned the cheating scandal that involved the now-removed Ned Fulmer, the fourth member of the hugely successful group. In their original clip, which has gone viral, the other three YouTube stars, Keith Habersberger, Eugene L. Yang, and Zach Kornfeld, explained the reason they decided to part ways with the fourth member. SNL’s take on the video has not gone down well with viewers.

Several viewers reasoned that the parody of the original interview appeared to hold the trio at fault for taking action against their co-founder. They held that the sketch comedy show should instead have targeted Fulmer for double-dealing on Ariel, his spouse of over a decade.

Viewers Slammed SNL For Not Going After Someone Who Cheated On His Wife Of Ten Years

One viewer wrote that instead of not making fun of Ned, SNL poked fun at the remaining three and held them accountable for the ruckus. He said that it was nasty. Another wrote that it was not funny that Ned should be cheating on Ariel with an employee.

Another viewer asked if the show was trying to gaslight the remaining three members of the Try Guys. Viewers pointed out that SNL should instead have slammed the inherent power balance at play. They argued that Fulmer cheated with a junior worker with far less clout in the workplace.

Viewers found it disrespectful that SNL parodied the intense social media reaction to the drama that surrounded the Furman controversy. They featured it around a sketch that featured parodies of the other 3 members of the group.

The three remaining Try Guys were represented in the SNL parody on CNN by Mikey Day, Bowen Yang, and Andrew Dismukes.