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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Social Media Platform Parler Gained Over Million Viewers Amidst Red Flags

Social media platform Parler has gained over 3.5M viewers one week post the US elections.

Ann-Cherie Harden, a Parler user, has decided to use the platform if Twitter and Facebook decide to censor or monitor her posts. Parler is a popular platform among conservatives.

Social Media Platform Parler’s Free Speech Priority

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Social media platform Parler currently holds the top position in the App Store of Apple’s list(free apps). But it is not close to Twitter’s popularity.

The platform attracts users, mostly conservatives by promising free speech and to engage, express, and speak freely without getting “de-platformed”.

The Anti-Defamation League has warned the site of unknowingly including unsavory elements inside the platform.

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ADL on Nov.12 mentioned that the platform is already creating a commingling of non-extremists and extremists. While Parler not being extremist, extremists are promoting their views and joining in huge numbers which call for concern. Company representatives have not commented on the issue.

Social Media Platform Parler
Social Media Platform Parler

Division Across Party Lines

Parler has the combination of well-known conservative leaders like Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, etc who have found their audiences there and fringe groups. Chad Mayes has criticized the divisions across party lines and discourse on the platform. These divisions will further erode the civil dialogue.

Algorithms make people stay on the app and provide them with stories, information, etc that bolsters more opinions.

Twitter Questioned By Conservatives

Conservatives such as Harden believe that Twitter censors people with conservative views and fact-check and censor anyone. They are not calling out on liberal democratic opinions. Harden mentioned this note that Twitter posted under Trump’s tweet of canceling Wreaths across the USA. The note called Biden as the winner of the 2020 election which according to Harden the post had nothing to do with the 2020 elections.

Not Censorship

Experts like professor Ramesh Srinivasan have put forward different opinions that Twitter is not biased against Republicans. More than any tech company, Twitter has shown direct action in labeling tweets. However, he said that Twitter should be more assertive in putting down disinformation and hate speech. Twitter has recently banned Steve Bannon for his comments.

Hate In Digital Platforms

Abrahan Cooper thinks that Twitter is more of a political arbiter than taking down extremism and hatred. Instead of removing all the inappropriate hashtags, they are firmly planting themselves in the department of political censorship.

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