Social Security Scotland Has Confirmed Changes To Payments

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In a recent announcement, Social Security Scotland has already confirmed that some of the scheduled benefits, which include the Child and Adult Disability Payment- which are due on the May Day bank holiday on Monday will be landing in the bank accounts on the 28th April.

The announcement was posted on social media, and does follow similar updates from the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue and Customs for payments- which include Universal Credit, Child Benefit, and State Pension. The Twitter post claimed that if the payment date was on a bank holiday, they would be paid the day before. So, if one is due a payment on 1st May, they would be paid by the end of 28th April. 

Social Security Scotland Has Announced Dates Of Payment

There has not been any confirmation if the webchat services and the phone lines of Social Security Scotland will be in operation during the bank holiday. DWP went on to confirm that Jobcenter Plus opening times were pretty different for the bank holidays on 1st May and the King’s Coronation on 8th May.

On both Mondays, the DWP phone lines and offices will be closed- which means that the payments would be made as early as 5th May, 2023. Interestingly, the office has not shared details of any opening changes or hours to the scheduled payments over the bank holiday during Coronation- but could be expected to do so. 

According to what Social Security Scotland has announced, some of the payments will be made early- in order to make sure that people would be receiving their payment on a day when the Jobcenter Plus offices are open. If the expected date of payment is 1st May, the State benefits and pension will be made on 28th April, Friday. If the expected date of payment is 8th May, the State pension and benefits will be paid on 5th May, Friday.