Solana CEO Claimed The Network Outage Was Caused By On-Chain Voting

Solana Labs

The founder of the Solana labs, and CEO of the company, Anatoly Yakovenko blamed the On-Chain voting for the recent network outage Solana has suffered.

The founder come CEO of the Solana labs have outright denied the rumoured cause of the network outage and blamed the on-chain voting system for it. Even though the official statement from the labs on 27th February said that the cause of this sudden network outage is still unclear to them, their CEO responded to the ongoing speculations saying that it was the business’ decision to bring in on-chain voting that cause this 20-hour long network outage.

This becomes a hot topic and DBCryptoX posted a thread where the user mentioned that this was because of the on-chain votes that were clogging in the network. Surprisingly the thread was posted on 27th February, just a few days after the network outage happened.
However, about twenty minutes later the CEO himself said that this thread is bogus and made from ignorance.

Solana CEO Said That The Network Outage Was Caused By On-Chain Voting:

The CEO said that the votes that were a fragment of the single quorum, contributed to help you with an amazing level of security and lower fees.

However, the CEO of Solana did not refused the thread by DBCryptoX completely which has led to some confusion for some of the investors.

The twitter user also said that the network outage of Solana lasted long because it takes a lot of time for the validators to reach a consensus using the means of off-chain.

The network disruptions probably have several causes, according to software developer Alex Kroeger of said Solana-powered Wallet Phantom, and auditors of pos systems require a lot of network traffic to complete validation.