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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sony PS5: 8 Exciting Features To Try Out

As we approach the launch date, the new Sony PS5 has come up with a new and awesome interface. It comes with various settings, some of which can easily be found while others are a little bit hard to access. We have broken everything down in easy steps below.

Sony PS5 Features You Should Be Aware Of

1. Privacy Settings

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It comes with 4 colorful privacy settings that have categories inside them to control your profile. You can find them in Settings>Accounts and Users tab.

2. Power Settings

This feature allows you to determine the amount of power your Sony PS5 pulls while in an idle state and controls your console’s automatic update downloads.

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3.HDR Sliders

The feature helps you control the brightness and contrast and is useful if you have an HDR TV. Take your time while optimizing these settings.

Sony PS5
Sony PS5

4.Sub-menu Experiments

It comes up in a very nifty way while you are in a game. You can control sound levels, settings, and headphones. It allows you to tinker around with VR settings and helps your Spotify music account.

5.Resolution and Performance

High power games let you determine using your additional processing power for either resolution or performance(preferable if you own a 4K TV). You can find it in the Saved Game Data>App Settings.

6.Default Difficulty

You can choose your difficulty level in the presets section. But the game difficulty level is subjective and should be used according to the user’s preference.

7.Controller Settings

Sony PS5 enables you to choose the same controller default settings for all games. Firstly, you should “invert” your controller default settings. You can also change the intensity regarding effects.

8.Spoiler Settings

Sony PS5 lets you eliminate potential spoilers. Hence, if you are sensitive about spoilers, go to Saved Game Data>App Section>Game Presets.

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