LaMacchia Promises To Learn For Their Wrong Doings, Apologizes For Social Media Post


This Tuesday night, Alderman Rocco LaMacchia has issued an apology for his recently published social media post. He had made a post that had added fuel to the riot situation that was going on in Kenosha. This post was being flagged by Facebook as a racially defamatory post. However, LaMacchia has said in his apology tweet that he had no intentions to hurt any other Kenoshans, and he never imagined his statement would increase the riot situation that was already creating trouble in the area.

LaMacchia has explained in his apology that the form of humour that tried to promote was not at all required and caused further trouble in an area that was already going through tremendous amounts of chaos and trouble. He repeatedly mentioned that he is not a person who would encourage any kind of racial prejudice in anyone.

LaMacchia’s Apology

LaMacchia repeatedly mentioned how important Kenosha was to him. He explained that he has spent his entire life in Kenosha, and did several important things here. He tried to imply that he cares for Kenosha greatly and the social media post that took place was the fruit of some kind of a misunderstanding. He claimed that he is trying his level best to learn from his mistakes. He also said that he is very certain that Kenosha is going to contribute largely to his healing procedure.