SSI Program- How Does It Issue Stimulus Check Payments?

Stimulus check

Every month, the Social Security Administration issues different forms of stimulus check payments- survivor benefits, retirement benefits, as well as disability benefits- which include Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance.

According to the SSA website, the SSI or the Supplemental Security Income program provides monthly monetary payments to adults and children who suffer from disabilities, or blindness, who then meet the income and resource requirements. The SSI payments are also issued to people above the age of 65 and older without any disabilities- who end up meeting the financial requirements that have been established by the SSA. 

Stimulus Check Payment As A Form of SSA

According to the official website of the Social Security Administration, certain groups are eligible to claim their stimulus check payments under SSI. According to the website, adults who are over the age of 65, blind, or have some form of disability will be eligible for the payments. This also includes people who have an income source below specific financial limits, have resources below specific financial limits, and are citizens of the country. Children, who are under the age of 18, and have some form of a physical or mental condition that does away with their daily activities will also receive the payment. 

Also, the website has claimed that in order to qualify for the Supplemental Security Income, a person would need to have limited income and a few assets. In the current year, the SSI payments, on average, are around $550 a month. The maximum monthly benefit will go all the way up to $914 for an individual, as well as $1371 for a married couple where both spouses are eligible for the program.