With The Stargate Release In February, Cosmos Might Just Take A Lead On Blockchain


Currently, blockchains have been communicating through solutions that are tacked-on. When Cosmos would receive the Stargate update on the 18th of February, the very tools that work towards the interoperability of the blockchain would be all out on the mainnet. 

Kevin Lu, a member of Band Protocol mentioned that this has been one of the biggest releases amongst the many projects out there which are based on Cosmos. For several of us, this might just be integrating simple and yet seamless interaction with any application that is based on decentralization from the Cosmos. The data- highly oracle- is then relayed in a highly tamper-proof and scalable manner.

How Is The Blockchain Technology Going To Improve With Stargate? 

Zaki Manian, who is the development head of the Cosmos from Iqlusion has explained what will happen when Stargate turns live. He spoke about a governance vote that would be highly necessary in order to bring out inter-blockchain communication- which might just take a couple of weeks to finalize. This implies that most of the systems would go for an IBC by the beginning of March.

With that being said, most of the chains from Tendermint would need to be upgraded to an SDK from Cosmos in order for that to happen. Manian has also spoken about how this wouldn’t be more than a couple of week’s worth of work for developers, and they wouldn’t actually need Stargate to start in order to initiate. 

Cryptocurrency might just face one of its turnovers in history when chains would be activated using Tendermint- and they would, in turn, activate Stargate. And this will herald a new period for not just the Cosmos but the entirety of cryptocurrency. 

As of now, there are quite a few bridges (standalone) that have been built by blockchain, but the conception of the Stargate might just bring out a different, and better era of composability.