Start using video in email marketing with these 7 examples

video email marketing

Most of us begin our day by checking our phones for important emails, or messages that might have popped up overnight. But, how much do we really focus on those strict text emails that simply contain rows and rows of sentences? Would it not be better if those text emails actually had videos in them? Video email marketing has been the trend for quite some time, and businesses of all kinds have been using it to improve client relations while sponsoring and promoting their newest services. For example, if your favorite band is bringing out a new album next week, wouldn’t you like it if the record label shares a new video from that album to its loyal customers first? It would simply show that the company cares about its clients- and that’s what clients want. It would be so much better for companies to simply embed video in email marketing- not only making it more aesthetic but also elevating the standard of importance that a company would give a client. Video email marketing can be a very important marketing strategy if used properly- just an embedded video and a subject line, and you will have a loyal client base, multiple lead generations, and a strong content looped around the brand.

What is video email marketing?

As the name suggests, video email marketing is merely embedding videos in emails to ensure that it captures the attention of the client. Video email marketing is widely used by companies and reports suggest that it leads to massive conversions and engagements with clients. And when we say ‘widely’, we mean over 80% of all companies have been using it for quite some time now. Interestingly, video email marketing goes against the grain as it is quite a taboo topic. Nonetheless, it obviously comes with a lot of advantages- there are times when a company would want to tap the visual retentive capacity of the individual, rather than just put in loads and loads of texts. In fact, a video can be more compelling than a text in depicting a subject. If your audience is compelled, your company will obviously receive much larger lead generations- and you would have video email marketing to thank for that.

video email marketing

How to Use Video in Email Marketing

For the uninitiated, we are going to provide you with ways, and video email marketing examples, that will help step up your email marketing game. As mentioned earlier, the basic premise is that one has to embed video in email marketing. But it can go much deeper than that. Video email marketing is extremely helpful in increasing click-through rates, and you can see that in software company Igloo Software. Their CTR simply doubled when they decided to add close to 200 videos to their email content in just three months to display the culture in the workplace.

Here are seven ways through which you can use video email marketing to expand your company’s client base.

Use video for bonus content to delight your subscribers.

If you regularly use video email marketing as a way of conversing with your clients, it would be good to provide them with some bonus content- one that would interest them and remind them that the company cares. If you are a blogger who deals in Instagram content, you can easily embed a link to a new feature or a new webinar that you are going to be conducting on some Instagram feature. The link would provide them with swifter access. Here, not only would your video email marketing help generate interest for the webinar, but will also keep your clients informed about how the blog is working. Or, you can also talk about bonus services that you will provide through other sources or that you received from other sources- that too would generate interest.

Make emails a more personalized experience.

If you want your video email marketing to really click, you have to personalize it. If you already have an email backlog, you could try sending them out as content. Here’s an example- when you are going through your Blog analytics and you find out that someone has not been watching a video entirely- you can embed video in email marketing and send it to the client. Marketo is one company that regularly follows through this process, and this has accelerated its Click-Through Rate to 144%. As a consumer, if a company were to send a mail containing the unfinished video, you would feel pretty special and important. And that would definitely develop the relations between the client and the firm. Also, from an entirely business, and practical perspective, there is no loss for you here. You will receive more click-through rates, and your client engagement rates would be off the charts.

Display company culture with a video.

If you are debating the choices for a video that would showcase the workplace culture that you have instilled and are coming up short- move to Youtube. There is no better way to highlight it to your clients how your office functions than to embed videos from Youtube which highlight your products and services. In fact, you will have a better chance of attracting clients if you can show them how useful your products or services are. You and the other employees can gain a huge conversion rate by practicing what you preach. Remember, video email marketing doesn’t always have to be about flashy displays of upcoming products- they can also be about public based content, where the public relates to the video- thereby using the products even more.

Announce an event with a video. 

Video Email marketing works great if you use it to showcase events that your company organizes. All you need to do is take videos that you can use as a recap for subscribers who missed out on the event. If you can pull it off perfectly, you will see an increase in followers as well as a growing interest in the activities in your company. All that needs is for you to build the base for an interest in the first place. A video email marketing example would be for you to shoot videos of industry mixers that are obviously well-attended. Next, you can embed the links in your email newsletters and attach a Call-To-Action along with it. This way, your users would be able to decide for themselves if they want to be a part of the event, and seeing the attendance and the splendor of it- chances are they will.

Announce a product line or launch with a video.

If you have built a client base for quite some time, there would be a growing impetus for you to work on that relationship and develop it further. And this is where video email marketing comes in. When you are launching a new service or a new product, it would do you good if you could involve your email subscribers to witness the first look of it. For, if the product is good, they will spread it around through word-of-mouth, and they will actually feel special due to the priority that the company is investing in them. Also, it would really help email subscribers express their interest in your service or product- which is always something a company wants.

Send out newsletters with videos. 

Your company will be lagging behind if you don’t provide your email subscribers with video to the newsletters that you send them. If your emails are only paragraphs and more paragraphs, chances are you will lose subscribers as they would rather watch than read what you have to write. Also, it will allow them to witness any and all events they might have missed over the course of the week- enabling them to deepen the relationship between the company and the client. Another way to use video email marketing would be to gather popular videos that routinely make the rounds of your industry and spread it through your email database. Sometimes routine video shoots can significantly increase Click-Through Rates for your business.

Move leads along their customer journey.

Marketing with email isn’t simply for the loyal customers that you have- it also works for generating leads. All you need to do is enable workflows for your CRM, which would help automate videos to be transported through the customer journey. To increase the standard of this video email marketing, you can also slide in forms that would do the trick. The forms you will add is sure to give your sales team enough information to gain new customers, or simply work on the leads to generate more leads. Honestly, video email marketing examples are everywhere to be followed upon to learn how to generate leads.

Video email marketing is one of the biggest marketing strategies that companies have at their disposal in today’s date. Through this tool, they can improve the general position of the company as well as increase the clientele that they have- all by embedding a video in email marketing.