State Stimulus Checks In 2023: Americans Continue To Struggle With Rising Costs

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While 2021 was marked by continual federal support through various stimulus check measures, the payments dried up in 2022. But around twenty-one states made up for it with inflation relief and other measures, though they could not match the largesse of the economic impact payments and other measures. 

But even as Americans continue to struggle with the rising cost of food, gasoline, and housing in 2023, most states have discontinued further measures. 

Some state inflation relief payments, including the California Middle-Class Tax Refund, continued to send out money through the first quarter of 2023. But some states will be sending out stimulus checks to their residents through the second quarter and in some cases well into the next year. 

New Mexico Among States Giving Multiple Stimulus Checks

New Mexico has been among the more generous states and in 2022 sent out multiple stimulus checks over four months. 

The relief measures were the result of two pieces of legislation. One passed during the regular session of the legislature and the second was approved at a session specially called for this purpose. Together they provided around $1,500 to eligible filers. 

The relief measures proved crucial during the peak period of the pandemic. The money was especially vital for the most affected groups such as women, parents, and Blacks and Hispanics. These groups have been particularly affected even since the pandemic led to a total shutdown of the economy in 2020. 

By August 15 last year, around 2.4 million rebates and stimulus checks went out to New Mexicans. And for those who did not get their payment, there may still be time to claim your share of the money. 

New Mexico‘s stimulus check comprised two distinct pieces of legislation and was given to filers who had filed their New Mexico tax returns for 2021 and also adhered to the following income guidelines. 

Married couples filing jointly received $500. The same amount went to surviving spouses, and heads of households. The limit, in this case, was an Adjusted Gross Income of $150,000 for New Mexico state for the 2021 tax year. 

For single filers and married couples filing separately, the stimulus check comes to $250 if the Adjusted Gross Income is $75,000 or less for 2021.

Taxpayers did not have to do much to receive the New Mexico rebate, the Revenue and taxation department of the state sent the payments on their own to taxpayers who filed their state income tax returns for 2021. And those who provided direct deposit information when filing their income tax returns had the payment coming directly to them. For everyone else, there was the paper stimulus check. 

Taxpayers got the rebates regardless of whether they had filed their income tax return with a Social Security number or within ITIN, the Individual Tax Identification Number. This helped the sizable migrant population of the state get the stimulus checks too, something that was not accessible to migrant populations in most American states. 

Even Non-Filers Received The New Mexico Economic Relief Payments

New Mexico even allotted $20 million exclusively for non-filers in the state. The money though was given out to those who applied first and went out to low and moderate-income households who did not earn enough to file an income tax return. 

Those payments were $1,000 for married couples and single individuals with dependents or $500 for single individuals without dependents. 

2023 Stimulus Check Could Come Your Way

This year New Mexicans need to again keep an eye on their bank account or mailbox as the latest round of stimulus checks will go out in June. This is thanks to a bill passed in 2023 by New Mexican lawmakers during the legislative session. 

New Mexicans who have filed their income tax returns in the past will get another round of stimulus checks. While it is $500 for individual filers or married couples filing individually, married couples, surviving spouses, and heads of households will get double that amount at $1,000.

Filers who went for direct deposit in 2021 while filing their income tax returns will get the latest round of rebate checks automatically through direct deposit. And if you have since moved after filing your income tax returns for 2021, you will have to update your address online through the Taxpayer Access Point of the Revenue and taxation department of New Mexico. 

For residents who are not required to file their income tax returns because of very low earnings, they will automatically get a rebate. And for those who did not file tier income tax returns for 2021, but are desirous of doing so, they have until May 2024 to file the returns and automatically qualify for the rebates. 

But in this instance, your stimulus check will be delayed considerably and will not happen in June this year. 

New Jersey Middle-Class Tax Rebate

New Jersey initiated a one-year program based on the state resident Income Tax Returns for 2020. The MCTR checks continue to be mailed to qualifying residents who have filed their income tax returns for 2020. They should claim at least one dependent child and have a tax balance of at least a dollar. 

There is no need to apply for this form of rebate from the New Jersey government. The rebate amount will be calculated automatically and reach eligible after they have filed their NJ-1040 returns for 2020.

Line fifty of the form indicates that the rebate amount will be equal to the tax paid after credits. And is up to a maximum amount of $500.

The tax papers will go out as a paper check and will be separate from the Income Tax refund. 

The rebate amount will be less if the amount shown on line 50 is less than $500. In that instance, you will get the exact amount of the check. 

To qualify for the payment, you must be a resident of New Jersey and should have submitted the NJ-1040 for that year. The claimant should also have at least one qualifying child who has been claimed as a dependent.