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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Several States Are On The Verge Of Sending Stimulus Check: Here Is A $850 Relief Payment On Offer

The federal administration sent out a series of stimulus checks that helped low and middle-income individuals and families survive through the pandemic. The relief payments were universal and only limited by the annual income (AGI) of individuals. But the payment dried up in 2022, and it was left to the states to devise their version of the stimulus check.

As we enter the spring of 2022, many stimulus checks are on the verge of reaching residents of various states. The states that have considered stimulus checks for their residents include California, Georgia, Maine, Delaware, New York, and New Mexico. But each has come up with a different support measure.

States Are Sending Stimulus Check Of Various Amounts To Residents

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California has already given two stimulus check payments, the Golden State Stimulus Check I and II. It went out to all residents who earned less than $75,000 as individuals.

Delaware is instead offering a tax rebate of $300 to individual tax filers. A married couple filing jointly will get double that amount while the head of household will get a $375 stimulus check.

Residents of Hawaii will get $300 if their annual earnings are less than $100,000. Dependents will get an equal amount.

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Illinois has suspended any further increase in gas tax based on inflation for 6 months and is offering a $300 rebate check to residents.

Maine has been the most generous among states and is offering an $850 check to filers earning below $100,000. Households earning below $150,000 will get the same amount, while married couples filing together and earning below $200,000 will get the check.

New Mexico will give a $500 check to single tax filers and double that amount to joint filers. For residents of New York, the benefit comes to around $425 on average.

The states have budgeted their payments around a huge surplus in 2021 and the bounty they received from the federal administration under the American Rescue Plan Act, signed by President Biden in March 2021.

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