Stimulus Check 2023: National Financial Crisis Led Many States To Distribute Stimulus Check

stimulus check

The first three initial checks were issued during the covid-19 pandemic. When the world was coping with unemployment and deaths. Many lost their loved ones and roof over their head. It was the former president’s initiative that President Joe Biden carried. The stimulus check from the federal level was distributed among the residents. They had to file for taxes and claim their checks. Yet many failed to claim their checks. Three types of payment were given to residents. Those missing checks are still available to claim.

However, post-pandemic there was the deadliest inflation of all time. Inflation skyrocketed and residents’ pockets were emptied.

The government was prompt to respond.

Fourth Check From The Federal Government Dried Up, States Balanced Out With Their Own Stimulus Check

Residents struggled to keep food on the table. They were drowning in debt. Some of them are perhaps now paying off their debts. Many states took up the responsibility to support their residents financially. 

California was the first to distribute stimulus check. Primarily it was middle-class tax refund, then inflation relief fund. They never really stopped providing assistance to their residents.

Later on, after inflation cooled down, they announced further stimulus check that would be available for the first six months of 2023. They are giving out from $200 to $1050 to eligible candidates. If they have filed their taxes for 2020 and 2021 by October 15th. They perhaps got all of their checks starting from January till today.

Idaho has a stimulus check of $75 for each member of the family if they have filed their taxes.

Maine has set $450 for single taxpayers and $900 for joint filers. However, their annual gross income must stay between $150,000 to $200,000.