Stimulus Check 2 Status: Lame-Duck Outlook Clouded By Dueling Relief Coronavirus Bill

Stimulus Check 2 Update
Stimulus Check 2 Update

Unfortunately, there might not be a change in the Stimulus Check 2 Status this year. With Democrats and Republicans not being on the same page, there might not be a deal anytime soon.

According to the Republicans, smaller package relief should be approved in the lame-duck session next week. They have given the decline of Democrat’s House seats and improvement in job numbers as reasons.

However, Democrats House majority, a possible election win, and continued growth of coronavirus effects across the country have led Nancy Pelosi(Speaker) to support a big package and bring something positive to the stimulus check 2 status. The Speaker’s opinion is at crossroads with Mitch McConnell, the Majority leader of the Senate.

In a press conference, Nancy Pelosi stated that it is unappealing to her that they have not even considered crushing the virus which is very unfair and should have been done a lot earlier.

Influence Of Economy On The Stimulus Check 2 Status

The economy is getting back on its feet due to the spike in the present job numbers is what McConnell of Kentucky told the reporters.

After declining continuously for six months, the unemployment stands at 6.9% on Friday according to the Labour Statistics Bureau. Further, non-farm workers totaling 638,000 were included in payrolls in October. From the previous month, the number of unemployed workers went down by 1.5 million.

McConnell has shown job numbers as his reason for supporting the argument that something lesser than $3 trillion should be provided in the stimulus check 2 status. The amount should be targeted highly towards problems that have a direct relation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report also mentioned slowing down job growth for four consecutive months. It also stated the unemployment to be twice the unemployment in February.

Stimulus Check 2 Update
Stimulus Check 2 Update

Tussle Among The Republicans

Even the opinions of most of the Senate Republicans and Donald Trump differ on the relief package.

With most Republicans wanting a skinny bill of around $1 trillion and not less than $500 trillion, Trump wanted to throw more than $2.4 trillion included in the House Democrat’s aid package. But Trump’s arrival to the negotiation table after his reelection loss remains uncertain.

With the outcome of the race still to be confirmed in another week, the control of the Senate and White House remain unstable. But it seems like Biden’s vote has already overtaken Trump’s in Georgia and Pennsylvania on Friday.

Larry Kudlow, Economic Adviser, White House, is open to negotiations on the stimulus check 2 status while differing from Trump’s opinions on that matter. Kudlow voiced his interest in negotiating a deal with Trump, McConnell, Sen, and Mnuchin. However, he showed his lack of interest in throwing two to three trillion but having a lesser package with targeting in problematic areas. He talked about providing aid to schools and hospitals, liability protection, and for smaller businesses a Paycheck Protection Scheme.

Stimulus Check 2 Status: White House Negotiations

On Friday at Capitol, R.Mo, Roy Blunt, Sen told reporters that given the results of the election, Pelosi has to get closer with the Republicans on the stimulus check 2 status, but also added that no party has an upper hand on the negotiations. Blunt emphasized the fact that the government has to function and the senators elected by the people need to deliver on this issue by working together to get to a solution. This is no mandate. However, Pelosi believes that Biden has an authoritative Democratic presence with him in the House and disagreed by saying that he will lead with a strong mandate.

Pelosi further said that the public is in favor of a big package and Biden will advocate it now that he has the megaphone.

Now that the House has a president to communicate with the people on these issues is a strong advantage for them to put in the effort in a bipartisan manner.

After winning his reelection bid Lindsey Graham is demanding a sizable bill to be cleared by the lawmakers this year. The republican of South Carolina has emphasized the need of having a big package and of being in a big camp. But sighed that some Republicans have opposing views to it.