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Stimulus Check: Another $500 Might Be Issued Across The Next 3 Years

2021 continues to be a year where performance is being recognized and tested. The same goes for the federal stimulus checks. So far, physical location has been a factor for how many people got how much in stimulus checks.

Ann Arbor’s Planned Radical Stimulus Check Program

Local governments and states have aided the federal efforts in testing stimulus check incentives. For instance, California has issued two rounds of relief payments under its GSS program for families.

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Furthermore, there are United States cities that are looking to try out some of the most radical plans for stimulus checks. One of them is a program based on reward verifications. It will pay eligible families $500 every month over the coming 3 years.

This will take place in Michigan’s Ann Arbor. The Governor is also considering several other options that will make use of the stimulus funds allocated to them by the federal government earlier on. Another program is a basic income one for all purposes. This will target 100 Ann Arbor families who will be selected based on their financial needs.

As part of a collaboration between the City and researchers, the program’s impact on the city and the beneficiaries will be studied.

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Several significant believes will be tested via this study. One of them is if giving money can actually make people find employment more actively. Other than that, Ann Arbor’s local news reports that $1mn of the stimulus fund will be allocated for social services. Another option would be allocating $3.5mn for affordable homes as well as $2mn for the city police department.

The stimulus fund money can find use in installing solar energy machinery in facilities in the city as well as new paths for cyclists in the center of the city.

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