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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: 600,000 Individuals Didn’t Receive One

While most of the states have been working on providing gas stimulus payments, many individuals haven’t yet received their third stimulus check. In a report that was published by the Department of Treasury, it was highlighted that around 600,000 people didn’t receive the last stimulus payment by last fall.

As we know, Congress had already approved the third round of the stimulus payments in March 2021, which sent a sum of $1,400 to each qualified person. As of the 16th of September 2021, the IRS had issued payments to around 167 million people. 

A Section of The Population Hasn’t Received The Third Stimulus Check

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However, a report that was published by the Department of Treasury went on to note that around 644,705 eligible people had not received their third stimulus check payment. These stimulus payments have a total worth of $1.6 billion. Those who didn’t receive their third coronavirus stimulus payments primarily encompass eligible dependents. The report also noted that around 1.2 million payments, which have a total of $1.9 billion, were issued to the wrong people. These payments were probably sent out to ineligible dependents. 

At the same time, several legislators have also been working on providing gas stimulus check payments to residents that would help them offset the rise in the prices of gas. For instance, Lauren Underwood, John Larson, and Mike Thompson have already provided a proposal- which has been called the Gas Rebate Act of 2022. 

Under this stimulus check proposal, taxpayers that live in areas with the average price per gallon over $4, would be receiving a rebate of around $100 per month. They would also be receiving a sum of $100 per dependent. The payment, as it has been reported, would be sent out to taxpayers that have earned less than $75,000 a year.

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